Hey there! I'm Mel. 

First and foremost I'm the wife of a rockstar husband and mama to the cutest kid in the world (yes- I'm that mom). Seriously the best job ever! I'm a cactus loving Arizona girl now living in OKC and feeling surprisingly at home. A few fun things about me are that I am licensed cosmetologist, a little over the top sometimes, I love jazz music especially when I'm editing, and shopping for a good bargain! I've been practicing photography since 2013 right after Caleb and I got married. I love photographing  just about anything, but weddings are my favorite because nothing feels better than reliving such a beautiful day through those images. I have always loved the magic and the emotions that photos capture and I'm so thankful to have such a talented husband to shoot along side!

I'm Caleb.

I got my first camera at a very young age, and some of my early memories were going to the zoo and capturing the world I encountered. On top of being the luckiest guy ever for being married to Mel, we also pair perfectly when it comes to photography; she’s the left-brained artistic visionary, and I’m the right-brained technical shooter. My main photo background is from the Air Force, where I’ve served as a photojournalist for more than five years. I’ve enjoyed being able to travel, but being a Tulsa native, I love that I’ve ended up back in my home state and am proud to plant my roots in OKC. Storytelling, both through words and images, is a passion of mine that I love being able to share with people like you!

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